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We are experts in strategic, fair, workable resolutions of complex litigation

Reisman Karron Greene LLP (“RKG”), which was formed in April 2015 by alumni of a large international firm, is expert in developing, negotiating, and implementing practical and creative strategies to resolve mass tort and other complex litigation. We collectively have many decades of experience in complex litigation and settlements of all types: individual cases, mass actions, class actions. Clients, courts, and opposing counsel around the U.S. – and beyond – recognize the skill and expertise of our lawyers in settling tough cases.

We serve as settlement counsel, court-appointed special masters, and mediators

We have served as national settlement counsel in some of the largest mass torts in U.S. history. Federal and state courts have also recognized our valuable settlement experience and have appointed us as special masters and mediators to facilitate successful resolution of complex product liability and economic mass tort litigation. Additionally, we have been appointed by courts to recommend awards of common benefit funds resulting from large scale settlements among plaintiffs’ leadership counsel and to do settlement allocations within aggregate settlements. Parties also retain us to serve as private mediators for individual cases and groups of cases.

We understand how to negotiate, design, and implement settlements that are fair to both sides and serve the interest of judicial economy

Successful resolution of mass tort and other complex litigation requires a comprehensive, integrated, flexible strategy tailored to address the case-specific factual, legal, and practical issues. Because no two mass torts are alike, the elements and timing of settlement strategy vary in each litigation. Careful evaluation by all sides of the comparative risks and benefits of litigation and settlement, and how the balance of those risks may change over time, is essential. In all cases, a comprehensive strategy with a realistic “end-game” plan is essential to resolve complex litigation successfully. As counsel for a party or as a neutral third party, RKG has the requisite experience and skill to assess when resolution is appropriate and to advise on realistic routes to achieving it.

Once a decision is made to pursue a resolution strategy, RKG has the skills and experience to evaluate which of the potential settlement models – e.g., class action settlements, inventory and other aggregate settlements, individual settlements, “mass action” resolution -- should be used, either individually or in combination. RKG has extensive experience in negotiating and drafting settlement agreements, preparing other required documentation, obtaining court approvals where necessary, and accurately and efficiently implementing settlements, including addressing bankruptcies, probates, and liens asserted against settlements by healthcare and other providers. RKG also has experience regarding compliance with Medicare and other reporting obligations in connection with settlements.